Party's Rogue


Level 1 Rogue

Str – 13
Dex – 17
Con – 14
Int – 15
Wis – 14
Cha – 13

HP – 10
AC – 13

For – +1
Ref – +4
Wis – +1

Base Att Bonus – +1
Grapple – +1

Stitched Collar shirt (dark green)
Huntsman Leather Pants (brown)
Rough leather shoes
Money – 1sp (nickels) and 11cp (pennies)
20 arrows

Melee – Fists – 1d3+2; Crit – x2; Non-lethal
Ranged – Shortbow – 1d6; x3 (mainly use for hunting)

Special Skills:
Sneak Attack – 1d6; (character must be flanking, the target unable to defend themselves properly, or the target is denied a Dex bonus to its AC. Ranged sneak attacks only count if the character is within 30 feet)

Trapfinding – Character is able to use a Search check to find a trap that has a DC higher than 20

Balance – +7
Disable Device – +4
Escape Artist – +7
Hide – +9
Listen – +6
Move Silently – +9
Open Lock – +5
Perform (Wooden Flute) – +8
Profession (Mining) – +3 (free)
Search – +4
Sense Motive – +4
Sleight of Hand – +6
Spot – +8
Survival – +5
Use Rope – +5

Alertness – +2 on Listen and Spot checks
Stealthy – +2 on Hide and Move Silently checks
Weapon Finesse – With a light weapon, rapier, whip, or spike chain, may use Dex modifier instead of Str for melee combat
Tracking – Character may track creatures on a successful Survival check. (See Track: table in Microsoft word for DC modifiers)

Weapon Proficiencies:
Shortbow – +1


Brian’s best friend since they were kids. He’s been the target of Trion’s bullies because of his father, a no good, rotten man that has a horrible habit of drinking. Over the years, he has been forced into a quieter, much more serious disposition than when he was a young boy. Dealing with his father on his drunken nights has granted him a very long fuse, but when he reaches his limit, his temper is unmatched.

He is also one of the hardest workers in the town, finding something useful to do from sun up to sundown, often for much longer. He is desperate to prove that he is not like his father, that he is someone better.

He has a secret crush on Anna, Frank and Deborah’s daughter, but he doesn’t want anyone to know, lest he attracts more bullying. He visits Father Marik and the Church often, and has spent many nights there whenever he knew he would lose his temper with his father.


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