Duke Corman Redbeard

Duke of Rome


Lvl – 6

Str – 18
Dex – 16
Con – 17
Int – 15
Wis – 15
Con – 18

HP – 84
AC – 23

For – +9
Ref – +5
Wis – +4

Lance – 10/5 att; 1d8+4 x2 (only uses this on mount); x3 crit
Bastard Sword 2 – +12/7 att; 1d10+6; 19-20/x2 crit

Half Plate 2 – +7 armor (2 magical), +1 dex
Heavy Metal +2 – +4 armor


Duke Corman Redbeard is known for his red beard, which denounces Irish heritage, and his love for his people of Rome. A wiry man that is nothing of muscle, he was an indisputed as a fighter, but was turned down for knighthood for his Irish heritage, denounced as nothing more than “a brute that can swing a sword.” Nothing could be further from the truth as he ha defended the northern border of Georgia time and time again. The Council of Athens has now seen his worth, at least as a buffer between orcs and the neighboring countries of Tennessee, South Carolina, and Alabama, and they now pay him handsomely to maintain his position as the defending strongpoint in the Northwestern Borders.

Fort Rome still stands in the heart of Rome, the very beginning of the city, and it still serves as the main barracks and training ground for the highly trained and capable “Redbeard’s Troop”.

Duke Corman is a passionate man that cares deeply for his people. He waves off any allegiance to the Council of Athens, but has fallen in love with the northern borders of Georgia and its surrounding villages and countryside. Open to violent tempers at times, but they are more of screaming and idle threats rather than actual violence.

Sergeant Matthias is his best and truest friends, and Duke Corman values honesty, disciplne, and courage above all else. He treats his men well, and they will die for him if the need came for it.

Duke Corman Redbeard

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