Tag: Rome


  • Military District

    The training grounds of the Duke's company. Fully equipped with training grounds for all segments of the Duke's army (Cavalry, Infantry, and Ranged Training grounds) Barracks houses the Duke's troops Armory supplies the Duke's troops

  • Rome Dungeon

    Dungeon that the Duke asks the players to clear out after he meets them. One of the Duke's subjects comes in, dangerously close to dying. If Brian heals him, the Duker asks them to clear it out. Upon completion of the quest, they will receive 250 XP each, …

  • Duke Corman Redbeard

    Duke Corman Redbeard is known for his red beard, which denounces Irish heritage, and his love for his people of Rome. A wiry man that is nothing of muscle, he was an indisputed as a fighter, but was turned down for knighthood for his Irish heritage, …